lauantai 2. helmikuuta 2013

Unfinished business...

When I started knitting I set myself a goal of one project at a time. I did very well... in the beginning. Then I started on a big project. A large pillow case that may become a throw. This depends on how I feel whenever I get to the final length, which is as long as I am tall.

                                          This is an old photo, I'm now up to my neck :)
                                          Yarn: Novita Isoveli, Nalle, and Nalle Aloe Vera

Since this pillowcase/throw is such a big WIP (work in progress) I, of course, needed a smaller project to carry along with me in the car, waiting rooms, etc.

                                          Yarn: Novita Pretty Baby

I've made this baby blanket before in yellow, green and white. This is a real simple knit, something great for me when I'm travelling. I only noticed well into the 2nd skein of yarn that there is a flaw in the color scheme. I think I'm going to be practicing my newly learned 'patience when knitting' skill by ripping quite a big chunk of this out.

Who wants to be knitting a warm blanket while on vacation in a place of sun and heat? Not me.  So, while in Spain, I bought some yarn and attempted my first top with some tricky knitting (tricky for me, that is).

                                          Yarn: Katia Linda

Those funky little circles took me days to figure out. Why days? Because I had to put the ripped out mess down many times and step away. Wait. Then come back with a better frame of mind. Yes, this was before the sorely needed skill of patience kicked in :) Unfortunately, I've let this gem sit for too long. I'll have to take some time to figure out this pattern again.

But in the meantime...

                                          Yarn: Drops Alpaca and Drops Kid-Silk

A warm and cozy sweater for a very cold winter! My attempt at Norway's most talked about sweater for 2012  - "Skappelgenseren" by Dorthe Skappel.   The combination of this yarn is unbelievably soft and squishy!

4 WIPs. Not too bad. Well, actually 5, but I'm finished with that one now. :)

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  1. That's how the yarn starts rolling... I'll only have one project well maybe two... and then you have ten :D

  2. Do you mean I'll have 10 finished projects or WIPs? I'll hope for the first one. ;)